The Best 5 Christmas Songs From 1920s

The 1920s were a significant time for the evolution of popular music, but it’s worth noting that the modern idea of the Christmas song, as we know it today, didn’t really take shape until a bit later. However, there were some songs with a Christmas theme during that era. Here are five notable ones:

“Jingle Bells” (1920s version) – This classic song had already been popular for many decades, but it continued to be widely sung in the 1920s.

“Santa Claus, That’s Me” by Vernon Dalhart (1925) – A playful and popular song from the mid-1920s.

“Christmas Comes But Once a Year” by Amos Milburn (1920s) – Milburn was a popular rhythm and blues artist of the time, and this song captures a festive spirit.

“Christmas Time Blues” by Blind Lemon Jefferson (1928) – An influential blues artist of the era, Jefferson’s song reflects a different perspective on the holiday season.

“Christmas Morning Blues” by Victoria Spivey (1929) – Spivey was a prominent blues singer, and this song is a reflection of the Christmas season from a bluesy point of view.

Please note that these songs may have versions or interpretations from the 1920s, but they might have originated earlier. It’s also important to remember that Christmas music as a genre really took off in the mid-20th century.

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